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  1. September 11, 2012: Joanna Molenda-Żakowicz (monitoring visit), UWr, Poland
  2. conference_Joanna_Molenda_UWr_MTA.pdf
  3. conference_Marek_Steslicki_talk_Leuven.pdf
  4. conference_Tim_White_SIfA_MTA.pdf
  5. seminar_Joanna_Molenda-Zakowicz_IAC_ING.pdf
  6. seminar_Marek_Steslicki_CfA_HAO.pdf
  7. seminar_Nancy_Evans_UWr.pdf
  8. seminar_Tim_Bedding_AU_Nov2012.pdf
  9. conference_Gulnur_Dogan_NCAR_MTA.pdf
  10. conference_Joergen_Christensen-Dalsgaard_AU_MTA.pdf
  11. conference_Tim_Bedding_SIfA_MTA.pdf
  12. conferecne_Aliz_Derekas_MTA_MTA.pdf
  13. conference_Daniel_Huber_SIfA_MTA.pdf
  14. conference_Dennis_Stello_SIfA_MTA.pdf
  15. conference_Katrien_Kolenberg_talk_KASC4.pdf
  16. conference_Katrien_Uytterhoeven_talk_KASC4.pdf
  17. conference_Laszlo_Kiss_MTA_MTA.pdf
  18. conference_Othman_BenomarP_SIfA_MTA.pdf
  19. conference_Rafael_Garcia_CEA_talk.pdf
  20. conference_Rafael_Garcial_talk_KASC4.pdf
  21. conference_Robert_Szabo_MTA_MTA.pdf
  22. conference_Robert_Szabo_talk_KASC4.pdf
  23. conference_Savita_Mathur_talk_KASC4.pdf
  24. confrence_Enrico_Corsaro_INAF_MTA.pdf
  25. seminar_Aliz_Derkas_2013_NMSU.pdf
  26. seminar_Karen_Kinemuchi_UWr_colloquium.pdf
  27. seminar_Karen_Kinemuchi_UWr_workshop.pdf
  28. seminar_Katrien_Uytterhoeven_LANL_29feb2012.pdf
  29. seminar_Katrien_Uytterhoeven_LANL_NMSU_29feb2012.pdf
  30. seminar_Robert_Szabo_CfA_HAO.pdf
  31. seminar_Robert_Szabo_CfA_HE.pdf
  32. seminar_Robert_Szabo_CfA_MIT.pdf
  33. seminar_teaching_Sandrine_Pires_CEA_SIfA_Nov2012.pdf
  34. seminar_Tim_White_SIfA_AU.pdf



  1. Dawid Moździerski, UWr, Poland: skies over Apach Point Observatory at NMSU, USA
  2. Gabriel Perez SSM, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC): Kepler ensemble asteroseismology